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My name is LiKa Claudia,

I have loved to paint and create since I was a child.
The joy of being creative and exploring the mysteries of life are great gifts for me.
As a mother of three adult sons and being in a romantic relationship with my husband,
I have learned a lot about the dynamics of interpersonal relationships.

A "whiplash" caused by a car accident led me to the "Akademie für Heilkunst",
where I graduated as a polarity therapist in 2009.
Since then, I have been interested in exploring energy and consciousness.

In 2013, I founded the "Healing Biotope" Vale Bacias".
I see myself and the people around me as living processes and I am curious
what else is possible in terms of more liveliness, love, joy, ecstasy, stillness and presence?
It is very important to me to offer spaces in which the consciousness
inherent in every human being can develop and remember
in order to respond appropriately
to the challenges of our time.

2021-2022 Heartteacher

with Thomas Young

2005 - 2009 Polarity Therapist, Academy of Healing Arts in Basel Switzerland

2002-2004 Painting Studio Instructor-Foundation Training,
Stella Maris School for Healing Arts

in Thun Switzerland

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