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The five pillars of Polarity

Health for body, mind and soul

Polarity new






Polarity is suitable for

❍︎Anyone who wants to deal with their health in a self-determined,

holistic and process-oriented manner

❍︎Short or long-term overload situations  ❍︎Nervousness  ❍︎Emotional imbalance ❍︎Sleep disorders  ❍︎Exhaustion  ❍︎Burnout  ❍︎Depression ❍︎Indigestion  ❍︎Tensions ❍︎Acute and chronic pain  ❍︎Headache  ❍︎Back pain


Fully clothed, you may experience how with gentle touch and rocking motions, the energy starts to flow. Bodywork forms the core of my Polarity sessions.


Before, during and after the treatment, conversation helps to become aware of your own process. Inner processes can be perceived and expressed. Life-threatening patterns can be understood and changed

Loving presence, nonjudgmental listening and respect for the uniqueness of the other person. An attitude based on empathy and deep acceptance is an essential prerequisite for change and healing.
The easy Polarity Yoga exercises  developed by Dr. Stone, support self-help. They strengthen vitality and awareness of one's own body, as well as clarity of mind.

Food can be categorised into the five elements (ether, air, fire, water and earth). It can be worthwhile to analyze one's own eating habits in order to then support recovery through deliberate selection.

Polarity is...
a holistic treatment method with the aim of bringing the body's energy
into its natural flow and activating the self-healing powers.
The method was founded by the chiropractor, osteopath and naturopath
Dr. Randolph Stone (1890-1981). It is a synthesis of Eastern healing teachings and modern medical knowledge.
This holistic approach opens up completely new paths, possibilities and perspectives for your own life.
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