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Printing & Environmental standards


​​​The prints comply with the following environmental standards:

FSC® Cert: HFA-COC-100008 | PEFC™ Cert: HFA-COC-0366
Production with FSC® certification HFA-COC-100008


The Forest Stewardship Council® is committed to ecologically and socially sound  wood production.  The seal of quality on the printed paper provides proof, that the pulp comes from sustainable forestry.

Your added value: you demonstrate responsible stewardship of our forests.



Print production according to the Cradle to Cradle Certified® PurePrint® Silver Standard. A wold-wide unique printing process that uses only environmentally friendly substances. In contrast to conventional printing processes, no hazardous substances are left behind. All CO2 emissions generated during the printing process are 110 % compensated. All info:

Your added value: You use a worldwide unique printing standard and communicate an innovative and positive approach to sustainability- Safe. Residue-free. Climate positive.


Production with print4climate label. Climate-neutral printing is good, climate-positive printing is better. 10% more emissions are offset than are generated during production. The proceeds flow into forest reforestation projects and gugler*'s internal climate protection projects.

Your added value: You set an example for active climate protection. All Info:


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